Mr. L.Saharan


The Chairman of Ujjawala Chemical and Fertilizers, Mr.Lokesh Saharan is an expert in “Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrition”. He was aware and knowledgeable about the ill effects of extensive usage of nutrients, especially major nutrients N, P and K. He was a strong face behind the country’s green revolution and actively took part in research and development in the agriculture sector. He predicted that usage of major nutrients in excess can lead to soil depreciation, which came true later on when crop production took a downturn& became stagnant.

His extensive knowledge in the field of crop nutrition coupled with his entrepreneurial skills gave birth to his first brainchild, Shree Ujjawala Agro Chemicals in the year 1998. UCF manufactures and markets micronutrients to farmers. Due to the ever-increasing popularity and positive feedback by the farming community, Mr.Lokesh Saharan had to travel excessively across India to promote his vision. His one-man army soon grew into a team of dedicated workers who worked hard in bringing safer alternatives to chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, under his leadership, the Ujjawala Chemical and Fertilizers have expanded its activities to Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Activators, and Organic Manure.

Because of his immense contribution to the agricultural sector and in research for a safer alternative to fertilizers Mr.Lokesh Saharan was the recipient of many prestigious awards from several prominent organizations.