That's right, we only sell 100% organic

Ujjawala Glare

Bio-Enriched Organic Manure

  • Ujjawala glare is able to act on plants' metabolic and enzymatic processes to improve production levels and crop quality.
  • Inducing resistance to abiotic factors such as salinity, drought, low temperatures, transplant shock.
  • Increased micronutrient intake by the plants and improved pollen germination.
  • Stimulation of the metabolic reactions of the plants, leading to an increase in the quality and quantity of the product.
  • Stimulation of flowering and fruit sizing phases.
  • This improves soil structure & soil fertility.
  • It helps for better root proliferation; minimizes the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • It controls many soil borne pests & diseases.

Dosage: For field crops: @2Kg/acre;

Packing 1kg