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Ujjawala Venza

Mycorhhizal Bio-fertilizer

  • Ujjawala Venza contains Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM), which in symbiotic association with root system helps in better absorption of phosphorous, water and other essential plant nutrients in easily usable organic form.
  • It produces wide range of plant growth promoting substances like IAA, IBA, GA. which helps in healthy growth of plants.
  • It also increase plant tolerance to different environmental stresses.
  • Moreover, these fungi play a major role in soil aggregation process and stimulate microbal activity.

Dosage: Mix @ 4 kg of Ujjawala Venza with 100 kg of well decomposed
farmyard manure and broadcast in one acre before sowing or transplanting

Packing 4 Kg & 12 Kg