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Uijawala Ferrous EDTA

Chelated Iron (Fe EDTA) 12%

  • Uijawala Ferrous EDTA contains chelated iron (Fe EDTA 12%). Whenapplied as foliar spray, chelated form of iron is easily available to thecrops.
  • It helps in chlorophyll formation, plays crucial role in oxidation-reduction reactions, nitrate reduction, sulphate reduction, N-fixation, N & S assimilation, etc.
  • It is a superior quality chelated Iron product, which gives better and quicker results compared to other Iron sources.

Deficiency Symptoms: Iron deficiency results in yellowing between the
leaf veins of young leaves. Browning of leaf edges also occurs in acid-
loving plants.
Dosage: Dissolve 100-200g Ujjawala, Ferrous EDTA in 150-200 liter of
water and spray on both the surfaces of leaves.
Soil Application: Use 500g of Uijawala, Ferrous EDTA in standing

Packing 500 gm