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Ujjawala Gourav

Potassium Nitrate NPK 13:00:45
Potassium Nitrate NPK 13:00:45 is a water soluble Potassium Nitrate
fertilizer which contains high quality macro and essential nutrients
(Nitrogen & Potash) in a form readily absorbable by plants & gives best
result with frequent applications at low application rates.

  • Contains readily available nutrients (N & K) resulting in healthy growth & higher yield. Reduces flower and fruit dropping. Improves shape, size and quality of the fruit.
  • Improves root development, boosts irrigation efficiency and nutrient absorption by plants. Increases crop resistance to pests and disease and advance conditions such as drought, flood etc.
  • Protects matured fruits form sunburn through development of an adequate leaf canopy.
  • Since N and K are specially structured and designed, this will give an excellent growth in all the stages of crop namely seedling stage, vegetative stage, reproductive stage and ripening stage.

Packing 1kg