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Ujjawala Zinc EDTA

  1. Chelated Zinc (Zn EDTA) 12%
  • Ujjawala Zinc EDTA contains Zinc in chelated form (Zn EDTA 12%).
  • It is a superior quality chelated zinc product, which gives better and quicker results compared to other zinc sources.
  • It is essential for several enzyme systems, production of auxins & in protein synthesis.
  • It improves disease resistance, promotes seed production and hastens maturity.
  • It is helps in setting of flowers and fruits, increases yield and improves quality and suitable for all crops

Deficiency Symptoms: Upper leaves will show interveinal chlorosis
with an eventual whiting of the affected leaves. Leaves may be small and
distorted with a rosette form.
Dosage: For Foliar application: Dissolve 100-150g Ujjawala Zn-EDTA in
150-200 liter of water and spray on both sides of leaf.
For Soil Application: Apply 500gm Ujjawala Zn-EDTA in standing

Packing 500 gm & 250 gm