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Ujjawala Boron 20

Boron 20 (Di-sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate)

  • Ujjawala Boron 20 contains Boron 20% (Di-sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate) in partially chelated form and is easily available to plants.
  • It is in powder form and is 100% water soluble.
  • It improves flower & fruit setting and increases size of fruit. It is used in cell wall synthesis and is essential for cell division (creating new plant cell).
  • It is required much higher for reproductive growth so it helps with pollination, fruit and seed development.
  • Highly recommended for crops that require more Boron e.g. Tomato, Chili, Capsicum and other fruit crops for foliar spray.

Deficiency Symptoms: Boron deficiency results in reasonable size being attained, but death of growing points, so flowers and fruits fail to develop. There is rotting and hollowing of roots and leaves become misshapen. Stunted growth and tip dieback occurs on lettuce; brown cracks in celery; rotten Swedes, turnips and celeriac, and dimples in pears with brown patches underneath.

Dosage: Dissolve Ujjawala Boron 20 @ 1 gm/Ltr of water and spray on
both sides of leaf.

Packing 500 gm pouch