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Ujjawala Samayukt Gold

Water Soluble Multi Micronutrient mixture

  • Ujjawala Samayukt Gold is a chelated multi-micronutrient having Zinc, Iron Manganese, Boron, Copper and Molybdenum, it is the perfect complement to fertilizer.
  • It is useful for the prophylactic and curative treatment of micronutrient deficiencies in intensive crop and field crops.
  • The formulation of these products takes into the amount the subsequent combinations with fertilizers occurring in Impregnation and foliar applications.
  • This prevents precipitation, therefore avoiding clogging the irrigation system and atomizers.
  • It contains Homogeneous free flowing micro granules rapidly and completely soluble in water.
  • It ensures rapid uptake and protection from premature fixation.

Crop: All crops
Dosage: Use Ujjawala Samayukt Gold @3-4ml/liter of water and foliar
spray on both sides of leaf.

Packing 1 ltr., 500 ml & 250 ml