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Ujjawala Zinc Ultra ++

2Kg Zinc Sulphate 33% + 8Kg Non-Technical carrier
Zinc (Zn) is one among the few important Micronutrient elements that is
indispensable for plant growth. Its presence activates a series enzymes
responsible for maintaining the course and tempo of several vital growth events.
Zinc asserts in protein synthesis and production of auxins (growth promoting
chemicals). Zinc Ultra++ plays a key role in plants as a structural constituent or
regulatory co-factor of a wide range of different enzymes in many important
biochemical pathways and these are mainly concerned with carbohydrate
metabolism, both in photosynthesis and in the conversion of sugars to starch,
protein metabolism, auxin (growth regulator) metabolism, pollen formation, the
maintenance of the integrity of biological membranes and the resostance to
infection by certain pathogens.
Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. For
agriculture use only.
Dosage: Mix 2 Kg Zinc sulphate and 8 Kg Non-Technical carrier and broadcast on 2 acre area.

Packing 10 kg.