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Ujjawala Huminos

Humic acid Liquid 18%
It is bio-stimulant and good soil conditioner. It is environmentally safe. An effective
soil enhancer. A chelating agent & disease suppressant. Rich in Humic and fulvic
acids, minerals and vitamins etc. Increases microbial & mycorrhizal activity.
Accelerates seed germination. Increases crop yield. Helps in root formation.
It accelerate the soil nutrients. Reduces frost damage.
Application: Apply 2-3 times as foliar spray @ 300-500 ml./acre in vegetables such
as potato, tomato, carrot, cabbage etc. & fruit such as apple, pear, citrus, grapes,
strawberries etc. and other cereal, oilseed & legume crops.
Soil Application: Apply @ 15-20 ml. per ltr. directly to the soil.

Packing 1 Litre & 500ml