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Ujjawala Calci -11

Concentrate Liquid Calcium 11%
Specially formulated for foliar application to provide a balanced uptake and
utilisation of nutrients by the plants. Liquid Calcium can be applied to all
fruit and vegetable crops to improve fruit firmness, storability. Liquid
Calcium is highly suspension formulation used for better color and skin
finish. Increases fruit market value and enhances quality. Excellent
formulation for increasing calcium status in fruits and other agriculture
crops. Increasing toughness of cell walls.
Use: Protects against Internal Rust Spot in potatoes and Tip Burn in
lettuce. It also prevents a number of calcium linked disorders in other crops.
Crop: Wheat, Paddy, Cotton, Groundnut, Pulses, Oil seeds, Potatoes,
Broccoli, Carrots and a wide range of vegetable and salad crops
Dose: Use as directed below, in a minimum 1litre dissolve in 200 litre of
water and spray on one hectare area. The spray tank should be filled with
half the required water. After shaking the container, measure the required
amount of it and add to the tank whilst maintaining constant agitation. Add
remaining water to correct dilution and spray.

Packing 1L & 500 ml