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Ujjawala Ferrous

Ferrous Sulphate (as Fe) 19%
Ujjawala Ferrous contains Iron (as Fe) 19% and Sulphur (as S) 10.5%. Iron
plays vital role in photosynthesis and breakdown of carbohydrates.
Iron play a significant role in various physiological and biochemical
pathways in plants. It severs as components of many vital enzymes such
as cytochromes of the electron transport chain, and it is thus required for a
wide range of biological function in plants.
It ensures normal growth of crops & high-quality yields and is suitable for
all crops.
Deficiency Symptoms: Iron deficiency results in yellowing between the
leaf veins of young leaves. Browning of leaf edges also occurs in acid-
loving plants.
Dosage: Soil Application: Apply 10 kg of Ujjawala Ferrous per acre for
all crops.

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