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Ujjawala Potash 5000

Potash Derived from Rhodophyte
Ujjawala Potash 5000 gives the best result of bio-available potash and
does not produce any chemical residues fully bio degradable and bio-
available. It would also act as substrate for soil micro organism to
enhance the potash mobilization Potassium (K) is an essential element
for plant growth.It is important to food crops. It helps plants use water
and resist drought and enhance fruits and vegetables. If soluble
Potassium is deficient in soil if can stunt growth and cause other
symptoms issues.
Dosage: Ujjawala Potash 5000 can be used in all crops. Dissolve 180gm
Ujjawala Potash 5000 in 150 to 200 litter of water and spray on one acre
area crops.

Packing 540gm