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Ujjawala ZSB

Zinc Solubilizing Biofertilizer

  • Ujjawala ZSB contains Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria (ZSB). The bacterium solubilizes the insoluble zinc compounds/minerals in soil and makes it avaialable for plants.
  • They decompose organic matter and help in mineralization in soil.
  • When applied to seed or soil, biofertilizers increase the availability of nutrients and improve the yield by 10 to 25% without adversely affecting the soil and environment.
  • It helps to improve plant vigor & yield and it is suitable for all crops.

Dosage: Soil application: Mix 4 kg of Ujjawala ZSB with compost/FYM
and apply to one acre.
Seed and Seedling treatment: Use 5ml Ujjawala ZSB for 1Kg Seed for
Seed Treatment and @ 50-100 ml of Ujjawala ZSB in 10-20 liter of water and
dip the seedling for 30 minutes before transplanting so that the bacteria
get attached to the roots.
Drip Irrigation: Mix ZSB/acre in drip stream.

Packing 4Kg