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Ujjawala Vaibhav

Mono Potassium Phosphate NPK 00:52:34
Mono Potassium Phosphate NPK (00:52:34) is a water soluble Mono
Potassium Phosphate fertilizer which is highly efficient source of
phosphorous and potassium for plants. It contains high quality macro and
essential nutrients and chloride free ingredients.

  • Maintains uniform growth and shape of developing fruits.
  • Reduces flower and fruit dropping and improves yields.
  • Increase grain size and fruit weight. Increase shining of produce, oil content in oilseed crops.
  • Controls Powdery and Downey Mildews, reddening of leaves and other similar diseases.
  • Reduces injuries to crops from seedling to maturity stages.
  • Increase uptake of various vital elements like Nitrogen,Iron, Boron, Copper and Manganese, etc.
  • Since P and K are specially structured and designed, this will give an excellent growth in all the stages of crop namely seedling stage, vegetative stage, reproductive stage and ripening stage.
  • The nutrients are textured and cohesively balanced. Hence, this will give better result and excellent yield in all crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers, horticultural crops, field crops, foliage crops, etc.

Packing 1 Kg