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Ujjawala Potash GR

Potash Derived from Molasses

  • Ujjawala Potash GR 14.5% Potash derived from Molasses Potassium encourages plants to adjust to dynamic weather conditions, strengthen stalks and absorb more nutrients.
  • It is used on crops such as corn, wheat, paddy, cotton and vegetables; it increases the quantity and quality of yield.
  • Along with increasing the fertility of the soil, it keeps moisture in the soil fora longer time.
  • It increases availability by providing mobility to organic potash and other elements.
  • It Helps to increase plant growth and immunity.. Its use stops the fall of fruits and flowers.
  • It Increases crop maturity, grain size and lusted.
  • It Produces proteins, enzymes, hormones and carbohydrates required for the plant.

Dosage: Ujjawala Potash GR can be used in all stages of the crop. It can
be used alone or in combination with other inorganic fertilizers. Use a
minimum of 50 kg of Ujjawala Potash GR per acre or scattered in the field
according to the crop.

Packing 50 Kg