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Ujjawala Sulphur

Sulphur 90% Granular

  • Ujjawala Sulphur Contains Sulphur 90% in granulated form. • It is improves pungency and oil content in bulb and oil seed crops respectively.
  • It activates Sulphur containing amino acids and helps in plant growth and development. It is also important in photosynthesis and contributes to crop winter hardiness.
  • It is an essential element in forming proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and chlorophyll in plants. It is crucial in nodule development and efficient nitrogen fixation in legumes.
  • Increases crop yields and improves produce quality, both of which determine the market price a farmer would get for his produce.
  • It is associated with special metabolisms in plant and the structural characteristics of protoplasm.
  • It is plays an important role in synthesis of amino acids like cystine & methionine. Enhances photosynthesis, oil production

Crop: All crops like Oilseeds, Pulses, Bulb crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Plantation
and dry land crops, except low land paddy. In oil seed crops & helps in
increasing the nutritional quality in forage crops
Deficiency Symptoms: Sulphur deficiency results in younger leaves turning
yellow first, sometimes followed by older leaves. Small, stunted plants are
produced. This should not be confused with nitrogen deficiency, which appears
first on older leaves and then spreads to the whole plant.
Dosage: Use Ujjawala Sulphur 3 kg per Acre.

Packing 3 Kg Pouch, 15 Kg Bucket & 30 Kg Drum.