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Ujjawala Zicos-P


Zn is an important component of various metallo enzymes such as carbonic
anhydrase, alcohol dehydrogenase etc that are responsible for driving various
metabolic reactions in plants. Zn also plays a role in nucleic acid, protein
synthesis and helps in the utilization of phosphorus and Zn-HEDP increases the
yield upto 27% and the Zn content is increased upto 85% in grains compared to
control. The chelated fertilizer composition is used to cure Zn and P deficiency
in crops and plants, increase yield with more Zn and P content, thus reducing
the risk of Zn and P deficiency in humans.
Dosage: Dissolve 100-200g Ujjawala Zincos-P in 150-200 liter of water and spray on both the surfaces of leaves.

Packing 500gm