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Ujjawala Prom

Phosphate Rich Organic Manure

  • Ujjawala PROM type of fertilizer used an as alternative to DAP and SSP.
  • Phosphorus is required by all plants but is limited in soil, creating a problem in agriculture in many areas phosphorus must be added to soil for the extensive plant growth that is desired for crop production.
  • It improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil and increases crop production.
  • It improves electrical conductivity of soil and enhances the activity of beneficial microorganisms in soil.
  • It also balances the soil pH.
  • It helps in humus formation. It also improves the germination percentage of seeds and helps in effective root development.
  • It improves the resistance power of crops against various diseases..
  • It is a complete Eco-friendly product.

Dosage: Uijawala PROM can be used in all stages of the crop. It can be
used alone or in combination with other inorganic fertilizers. Use a
minimum of 50 kg of Ujjawala PROM per acre or scattered in the field
according to the crop.

Packing 10 kg & 50 Kg